Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Dear TRM,

We are really having huge success with both CANIGLO and STRIDE. We had a 12 week old puppy that was hit by a car about 2 months ago, and she had major surgery, and was on pain relief and monitored exercise after the surgery. We liased with the vets and asked if it was ok to try her on STRIDE . They had no problem with that and she is now making an amazing recovery, she still has slight limp, but is in flying form.

We have about 20 dogs on CANIGLO due to dull dry coats (most of them black labs). They have gone from being dull black coats to coats that look fantastic, we even have members of the public stopping the trainers in the street asking how we get our dogs so shiny!! You really see how good their coats are when the sun is shining – they are all gleaming.

Thanks a million for everything!!

Laura Lyons Kennel Supervisor
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind