Stride Case Study: ‘Nunty’


    Name of Pet: “Nunty”
    Animal: Canine
    Breed: Collie Cross
    Weight: 20kg
    Age: 12 years, 8months
    Sex: Female
    Neutered: Yes

    Treated at: Westside Veterinary Clinic, Battersea, London, SW11 6SA
    Physical Examination (include date):
    14/03/2007 – Sudden onset soreness in hindquarters / ataxia & left hind
    splaying. Crepitus in hips palpated. Reduced proprioception – slow on
    placing foot on knuckling test.

    Dog suffers from Hypothyrodism – well controlled with Soloxine. Multiple
    lipomas – under observation, one removed from mammary area. Otherwise
    dog well

    X-RAYS (if applicable):

    Osteoarthritis (hindquarters)
    Treatment (include commencement date):
    14/03/2007 – 1 weeks of Previcox (NSAID).
    14/03/2007 – Commence long term use of Stride Plus Liquid.
    29/03/2007 to 19/04/2007 – Cartrophen Course.
    25/07/2007 – Cartrophen Booster.
    31/10/2007 – Cartrophen Booster.

    Results from treatment (include date of follow up):
    Dramatic improvement in general demeanor and mobility since on long term
    Stride and 3 monthly cartrophen injections.

    Follow up dates as above for cartrophen boosters (25/07/07 & 31/10/07)